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Why your business needs professional photography

January 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

We all know someone who owns a 'big camera', they're always at the front taking pictures at weddings or showing you their back catalogue of mighty fine duck photos, but when it comes to your business - should you go with Uncle Bob and his massive Canon, or hire a professional?  The decision is up to you, of course, but before you do please allow me to explain why I think it's a good idea to hire a professional photographer to produce your images


Because you're buying a service, not just some jpegs

Professional photographers know what they're doing. From pre-shoot consultation to providing the final images, they'll ensure your business gets the images it needs.  The photos you receive from a photographer are a small part of the service, so much more work goes into a shoot than is immediately obvious - the consultation, visiting your premises, having an artistic understanding of composition and colour and how they can best portray your business, how to make you feel comfortable and relaxed for the shoot itself... The list is endless; a photographer's job is far from just clicking the shutter.



A professional photographer will be insured. If your SEO trips over a light stand and puts themselves out of work, we're insured for liability. If I drop my camera onto a valuable object, it'll be covered. It's boring, but it's necessary - again, professionalism.


They have the relevant equipment

If you're a photography enthusiast you might sigh at this, but it's true. Pro photography requires the RELEVANT gear.  Your photographer will arrive with the equipment they need to do the job. Through consultation they'll already know what they need, and they'll have back-ups for everything so if equipment fails on the day they can continue shooting.  They'll ensure they back up as they shoot to avoid loss of a data and your final images will be stored securely, in case you ever lose your files or need re-prints.  I know Apple and other companies will plead with you that their cameras can stand up to a professional armed with professional gear, but it's simply not true. Professional shoots require more than just a camera for a start; lighting, stands, scrims, etc, etc, but current camera phones just don't give the level of control and image quality a good quality manual camera will. 


Some random person's gear


It's not solely just down to the camera though; technical knowledge, skill and a creative eye are far more important than owning the best camera:-


Because they're professionals!

You may have access to a big, fancy camera, but it takes a lot more than that to produce quality photographs. We use a sound knowledge of our equipment combined with creative flair and client communication to create the images you want. A great photographer knows their composition, line and form. They know how to use their equipment to achieve their artistic vision and they know how to communicate with the client in order to visualise this.


Your customers want to get to know YOU!

Using images of you, your staff, products/services and your premises not only makes for a great website and printed material, but it also lets your customers get a feel for who you are as a business and, in some cases, a person.  People are more likely to choose you if they're given all the relevant information they need as well as images, to help them to visualise what you and your product are all about.

Many companies use stock photos, which serve a purpose, but having dynamic, stylish images that specifically relate to you and your business is one of the best ways to get the attention your business needs.



It's a great way for your website and business to get 'seen' by Google

Images that contain relevant meta data such as a title, keywords, category and description are indexed by Google. This helps your site rank and ensures you'll appear in the image search. There are many ways to optimise your website for search engine traffic, but having a good set of images is a must!


Booking a professional photographer is a great move in today's internet-centric world. It's an investment that will cover its own costs in time, so if your company would benefit from adding a professional touch to your advertising, give GHZ-Photography a call now!!!


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