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August 01, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Project 365 Update

I’m now 26 days from finishing Project 365. For those who don’t know Project 365 is a photography challenge where you have to capture a photo a day for a whole year.  It’s been great but I’ll be glad when it’s finished!  I’ve struggled to shoot outdoor shots as much as I’d have liked and a handful of poor efforts have seeped in throughout the year, not to mention a few school boy errors too, overall though I’m glad  to have done it. It’s taught me a lot about photography, and the disciplines prerequisite to creating good pictures. I’m sure I’ve learnt some technical stuff along the way too but I long since lost any enjoyment/interest in the ins and outs of that side of the hobby.


Mini Man

From Lister Mills in Manningham, Bradford. Sony A65, 35mm, 1/320 @ f7.1, ISO200

I’ve mainly concentrated on objects that I see and/or use every day. I wanted something I can look back on in years to come and get that nostalgic feeling I usually get when I come across an old toy, or happen to walk down a route I once used regularly but never took note of at the time. I’m an incredibly nostalgic person when it comes to everyday things you'd normally take for granted. I have many fond memories of random things rather than actual occurrences so I wasn’t too interested in documenting anything I’ve done physically, like a day out or spending time with people I know, I’d rather keep shots like that to myself.

Birmingham Train StationBlurman

Birmingham Train Station, Fuji x10, 7.1mm 1/5 @ F2.2, ISO250

It has been an interesting and challenging year both personally and within my photography and art. There have been some amazing & rewarding times and some pretty low ones as well. I’ve been in two minds whether to attempt capturing this or keep them to myself, I opted to keep them to myself, mostly. I’ll look back on the pictures I’ve taken and be reminded of the day I took it, which is something only myself and possibly my girlfriend Hannah will appreciate. I like this. To you they’re just pictures, you may enjoy them or not but you’ll never pick up what was happening at the time. This is another thing I love about photography, I can capture a feeling or occurrence most people will recognise when viewing a picture, but I can also capture a thousand things they'll never spot because they’re personal to me and whoever I was with at the time. A picture is a movie, a story captured from a tiny fraction of time that can be interpreted by all in one way and for some in many ways


David Hockney Gallery/shop thing - Salt's Mill Sony A65, 1/2000 @ F2, ISO400

For those following me on Google+, Flickr or Twitter you may have noticed I’ve not been uploading every single day. There’s a very long period of PP to come once I’ve finished on the 27th August 2013! I’ll upload all 365 shots to one album after I’ve sorted through them all. For anyone who is thinking about doing Project 365 I would recommend organising yourself well. I got out of sync when I started using more than two cameras, this had a knock on effect in PSE’s organiser owing to me not setting my import settings properly (school boy error!), I now have images strewn all over different memory cards and folders on my PC, it will take a while to sort it all out (Another thing I’ve learnt, or at least been made aware of more, organisation!)

Post field.

Post, field and some lines. Sony A65, 18mm, 1/400 @ F7.1 ISO100

I’m going to capture some street in the last few weeks. Possibly a few more self/portraits too.  Once I’ve finished I’ll post the link here.

Good light to all.






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