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Update - New photos, new camera and more 365

February 22, 2013  •  3 Comments

Update - New photos, 365, a new camera and a baby...!

I've taken a fair few new photos this month and have also brought a new camera.  I was a little bit premature on the announcement of being half way through my project 365, I counted the days and realised I was two weeks off! Not to worry, I get to take more photos I guess.

Early last month my girlfriend announced that she's pregnant :) Happy news all around. It's been a busy time and also partially the reason for me struggling for shots at the moment. Not that I mind! Expect many baby portraits GHZified, naturally, as well as Project Baby Hoyle, which will take about 5 years and contain many photos of mine and Hannah's trip through pregnancy, birth and becoming parents. :)

Project 365

I've been happier with my results this last week. Shots seem to have jumped out in front of me with little hunting required.  My previous struggles were mainly due to the great news mentioned above! Some days I look forward to it finishing (which will be August 27th) and find it a complete pain but mostly I can't imagine life without having to take a photo each day.


Here's are a few new ones:-

Tamara Beiler (c) Bernd Schranz - 0398 Mini Man


New Camera!!! :)

I've been pondering on getting a compact system or compact for a while. My eyes kept rolling over the Fuji x10 quite a lot so I decided to take the plunge. So far i've certainly not regretted it!  The fuji x10 is and excellent camera, it has exceeded my expectations completely.

I wanted a small but capable camera to carry with me on my daily routine trips, to work etc. My Sony a65, a35 and Pentax Super ME, plus lenses, flash units and all the other trinkets became quite a pain to carry everyday. I like to carry a camera everywhere I go and even though I have all my gear stashed in my LowePro Slingshot (an excellent bag by the way!) it started to weigh me down.

I intend to use my x10 for daily use. It fits nicely into my inside jacket pocket with the neck strap in place for safety so it's easy to pop it out and take a shot. What's more its dial and button placement is perfect for getting those fleeting street shots where the various subjects won't be in the right position for longer than a few seconds. Similarly I don't feel like a cheat using the x10's more creative auto modes. The exposure compensation dial (something I never bothered with on DLSRs as I always used full manual) is in just the right position and the many options available are amendable enough to give me enough control and also provide the speed I sometimes need to take a shot.

I was dubious about not having interchangeable lenses but the lens on the x10 has far surpassed my expectations. Never really being one for using zoom I've previously favoured my 35mm f1.8 over any of my other lenses. I'd occasionally use my kit 18-55mm for wider shots but generally my a65's crop on the 35mm was enough to capture my street scenes and portraits.  With this in mind I was tentative about zooming at first but once I'd got into the mindset of framing with the zoom it became nothing but a pleasure.

I'll do a full user review of the x10 soon but for now I just want to say what an excellent camera it is. It'll be with me on my day-to-day journeys and I may even take it on dedicated shoots or any future bookings alongside my a65 or rented full frame. It really is good enough to produce quality results that don't stand out in my portfolio if they appear next to a shot taken with a DLSR (SLT, in my case!)


Until then here's a few sample shots i've taken in the last two days:-

Be sure to check the news page for various links & tips as well as my twitter feed!



john c(non-registered)
You've fired some good shots off lately Gaz. Well done!
GHZ - Photography - Leeds based Photographer
Thanks Jim, appreciated! It feels cracking to hold. Well recommended.
Love the shot of Wang Wang, not sure I've seen that one before...glad you're getting on well with the new camera. Just had a quick look at a review of the X10 and it looks a good the retro look to it as well.
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