GHZ Featured photographer - Miguel "M ike" Lattanzi

My name is Miguel “Mike” Lattanzi, I am 30 years old, born in Uruguay and live in Argentina. I worked for more than 8 years in Telecommunications field, have developed myself as an Engineer, Professor, Account Manager and Project Manager; and now I am becoming to live up from the photography.

I explode the artistic part of photography, what is really my passion and where I spent most of my time. I am doing some professional works and making some regular customers too.

What is the photography for me?, well it’s the way to show the world, what is not easy to be seen, to express feelings, where is not easy to make the connection, and to capture the life itself, with all its power and passion. That's the photography, something magic.



GZH interviewed Miguel on July 1st 2012:-




1)            Can you remember the first picture you took? If so, what was it and how did it come out?

In a matter of facts, I cannot really remember my first picture, but I can tell you about the older I remember.  I was attending a photography course at school; I was 9 year old or so. Time to time we use some hours to go to a nearby square, to do some outdoor shoots. It was during a very sunny early afternoon of a regular week, that I was taking some pictures with my pink Concord 110CEF, when the teacher came to me, and whisper “why don’t you try this?” showing me in his palm a set of two elastic bands and a green cellophane. After that he putted the cellophane in front of the objective adjusted with the two bands and told me “keep using it until you finish the photography roll, only few pictures remain” and he gone without explain it to me in detail. I do not know why, but I associated the green cellophane with the tree leaves, so I decided to take only one picture of one big tree near me.

After some days, I got the result, it was like a vision from another planet to me, I remember I thought “Wow”, I kept that photo over the years, but since some time ago I cannot find it.

2)            An obvious but necessary one, what made you want to or become a photographer?

Photography was always something very attractive to me; no matter the subject always I bought a book it must bring lots of pictures, like if with few of them it was useless.

As a child I used every opportunity I had to take as many pictures as I can.  Later when I grow up, with the digital cameras it became more easily to do it. For me the photography is a very important way to express myself and to show others the things that people usually “don’t see”.  I think it is also a powerful weapon to show people the fundamental problems of the society and thus generate greater awareness and involvement.

3)            Do you consider yourself a photographer or do you just take pictures?

This is not an easy question at all. You know photographer is a person who takes photos, and who take photos is technically speaking a photographer, so here we are.  If we understand photographer as a professional, I consider myself so, because I do photography works for money, and I also do artistic photography.

4)            What camera do you use mainly?

I use my DSLR camera, a Canon 550D for regular works and for almost every artistic picture I take, it’s my real everyday camera.  I also use my Fujica AX-5 mainly with a 28 lens, but only for black and white artistic works.



5)            Looking at your favourite or most popular picture, what do you think makes it the picture it is?

I don’t have a favourite picture from my collection, but I have a special one. I took it in Phnom Penh city in Cambodia, in the Mekong riverside. It is very meaningful for me, because I was taking pictures to some fishermen, when this kid turned around and looked at me, as soon as he figured out I was aiming him with my camera, he freezed himself. I took some shoots and after I putted my camera down we looked each other to the eyes for about some seconds. Then I showed my right hand thumb up, he did the same as telling me “ok, you’re welcome” and turned around again to continue fishing. I felt something strange; because his eyes had no childhood, he acted like an adult trapped in a child body.

"..As a child I used

every opportunity I

had to take as many

pictures as I can.  ...."

6)            How do you feel about using Photoshop  etc. to change your images?

Time to time I have mixed feelings about using any software to modify my pictures. I can tell you that I really process them, but not introduce any modification. I use to improve light, contrast, framing, etc. I try to keep the original shoots as much as I can. For those in black and white, that are most of my work, I took them in colour and later I process them to get high contrast black and white pictures. Time to time I do high-modified pictures for testing, but I didn’t showed any of them yet, by now it will not be my way.

7)            Your favourite subjects, what are they?

I like at most black and white photography. Inside this arena, I like to take portraits, people in the street, and old or rusty places.

Now I am starting a long term HDR colour work, processing the pictures to highlight the details. I called the set “Empty Homes”, the idea is to show home places which people don’t use to take much attention to, and don’t spend almost any single second to take a look, and of course show those places without people.

In general I like to work with people and places or things forsaken by society subjects.



As stated before, I process them to black and white, trying to highlight a strong contrast with very well defined blacks (grey tones) and white, the final result should be a “heavy” picture.In other hand for my last work, I use real HDR with several shoots.For all my works I use several software for different parts of processing.

8)            Tell me about how you feel when you’re taking photos and how you feel once you’ve seen the final image (if it comes comes out as expected

I feel I did things in a right way capture what I want to express and did it technically correct, but immediately I try to figure out how I could improved it and how can I improve for the future ones.


9)          Ask yourself photography based question and answer it here. Use at least 150 words.

Do I need to have many lenses?

Well, it depends. Usually people want to have a kit-lens like 18-55mm, a zoom like 70-300mm and so on. But when you ask why and what they use them for, after thinking a while, they are not really sure, no matter what they answer. There is thought that more is equal to better, and that’s not true. I have an 18-55mm lens and a 55-250mm lens, for me it is more than enough, so for example I will not buy another kind just because.  Before you buy a new lens you must ask yourself what will you use it for and which additional advantages it will bring versus your actual lens or lenses.

For other professional works, like sports or nature captures for example, you may need more specific lenses, but apart of those cases, has no much sense to have more than two.

Most of the professional photographers, at least artistic ones, use one or two lenses at most, but usually one is more than enough.

Mike's work is available for viewing in the featured galleries now!!