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Here you will find interviews with GHZ's featured photographers. Subject to availability prints and other products can be purchased from the relevant gallery.

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Miguel "Mike" Lattanzi

Michael Burt

Ellie Bell































Scott Mills

"...My name is Scott I'm a 28 year old Firefighter, my main hobbies include photography, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu..."

Laura Coupe.

"...It's quite a liberating experience. I think "ah, there it is" and when I'm really excited about the photo, I can't wait to share it..."

Miquel "Mike" Lattanzi

My name is Miguel “Mike” Lattanzi, I am 30 years old, born in Uruguay and live in Argentina...

Michael Burt

"I have always had an eye for photography, I have just never been able to express it because I never had a camera"

Ellie Bell

"I love taking landscape photos, anything from beaches, countryside and cities.."