2017 Update

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Just a quick update since I've not posted for a while.

2017 has been a great year so far; amongst other things I made the risky move of leaving my day

job of 14 years to going full time in photography.  So far it's been quiet whilst I set up, refresh my

portfolio, make new contacts etc, but it's also been fun as I've had some interesting commissions

for headshots from local business people (although working from home near the fridge and food

cupboards is amazing/dangerous to my waistline).

Last month I curated the People of Leeds twitter account (and will soon be doing the People

of UK one too) and I've also been  looking into business networking, setting up trade shoots

to improve my portfolio, dealing with HMRC and, finally, learning to drive (something I've avoided

for a long time!).

One thing I've not been doing so much for the last year or so is location shooting, which is

something i'm planning on sorting out ASAP.  That said, here's a few of my favourite shots from

recent months:-

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CromerCromerTaken in Cromer, Norfolk whilst on my jols. Chapeltown Road, LeedsChapeltown Road, LeedsChapeltown is s suburb in North-East Leeds. I've lived in or around here for a few years now. Lots of street shot opportunities all throughout the year, especially on Carnival day, which is usually in August. Chapeltown is also home to the Northern School of Dance and the legendary (at least to me) West Indian Centre. Sholebrooks, Leeds.Sholebrooks, Leeds.Taken in Chapeltown, Leeds.
I love the back streets around this area. All the same in design, but all different; it's not uncommon to see these streets with a bouncy castle stuffed in the middle and tons of kids playing round or a clapped out car right in the middle.
WoodhouseWoodhouseSo much to shoot around Woodhouse. Lots of dirty back streets, old cars and random things. Woodhouse.Woodhouse. Buslingthorpe RoadBuslingthorpe RoadMany years ago I'd wander up here at night on my way to Cabbage , a pys trance night at the West Indian Centre. It was a pretty spooky place to be at night, especially on your way back home at 4am.
Nowadays I push my son up and down it on the way too and from nursery.... :)
ChapeltownChapeltownTaken from Mexborough Grove, Chapeltown. AmsterdamAmsterdamTaken on holiday in Amsterdam, i have no idea where...i was in Amsterdam afterall...who can remember the fine details of a weekend there? Back gardenBack gardenMy back garden. Lookign empty without the kids playing in it. AmsterdamAmsterdamAmsterdamaged. AmsterdamAmsterdam Lower Briggate, LeedsLower Briggate, LeedsLGBT colour bridge Book Ship - AmsterdamBook Ship - AmsterdamAce book shop in Amsterdam.

Baby photo Kayan on RugKeyan Headshot Charlotte ConnertyCharlotte Female model headshot mask kissityKissity Producer Photo HeashotTomas Producer Photo HeashotTomas Producer Photo HeashotTomas



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