Recent shots and other news

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Recent shots and other news

Not much happening on the site at the moment tbh.  I have taken a fair few new shots lately though. Some are below and a few in the main galleries.

The news page is updated every Sunday and now features more articles, photos and videos. Be sure to use the navigation menu at the left of the news page, there are currently links to 30+ interesting and informative articles as well as photos and videos in the media sections.


Thanks to you-know-who (all of you) for the continued support on Google+ & Twitter.  All the advice, hits, plusses, likes, faves, shares etc are greatly appreciated. It wouldn't be worthwhile taking photos if they weren't viewed and enjoyed/laughed at :)

As per usual I've spent many hours browsing the web looking at photos, reading tutorials and watching how-to videos. Most of which i've bookmarked for my much ignored Tips page, which is nearly finished.  It should be up by the end of the month.

Out of the thousands of photos i've seen recently one in particular caught my eye this week. Bird Feeder by Alex U.

A very simple shot but with great colour and depth. I saw the image in a group on Flickr, The Ice Box, if you're looking to flex your photography muscles to other togs why not post there?  Be warned; whilst a friendly crowd they don't pull their punches when it comes to critiquing a photo :)

Anywho, i'll be printing the shot and displaying it in my house somewhere.

Here's the photo:-

Bird feederBird feeder


Here's a few of my own shots so far in 2014. Hover over an image for details, click to 'dim the lights'.


Leeds Train Station

Bag EnvyBag EnvyTaken in Leeds Train Station man walks through Leed Station.Bag manThis guy was swaggering about a bit. Again, Leeds Station.

Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire.
LeedsLeeds PeoplesPeoples


Ilkley Moor

IlkleyIlkley Ilkley 2Ilkley 2 Ilkley 3Ilkley 3 Ilkley 4Ilkley 4 Ilkley - cafeIlkley - cafe


Good news for Jason Gabriel who has had his picture of Otley Chevin published in an upcoming Photography guide to Yorkshire as well as being approached by Yahoo to commission a panorama of Ilkley Moor. He's also sold a small print via his gallery Congrats!!

Otley Chevin

Jason M GabrielMaster at work.

...and a few more of my favourite shots from recent random walk arounds:-


QHQH Clarence DockClarence DockClarence Dock, Leeds. West Yorkshire Week 4 - ShipleyWeek 4 - Shipley

Hope you enjoy, please do leave a comment :)





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