Project 365 finish

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Project 365 finally finished.

I wondered when it would end....

I've finished my Project 365, thank the skies! It's been a long drawn out year but i'm glad i've done it. I've still quite a few to process but the bulk of it is done.

It's been enjoyable, educational, stressful and sometimes unbearable but above all it's really pushed me to think about my shots and taught me a lot about photography, planning & organisation not to mention a little bit about myself.

I'm now going through each day either choosing from one of several shots from that day or reprocessing.

I finished on the 27th August 2013 and now it feels strange not having to plan a photo each day, it feels uncomfortable not to be planning ahead or, like some days, at the last minute.  Overall i'm happy with the quality of each photo but there are a few poor efforts in there (which are mostly the ones still requiring selecting or processing).

One of the last things I learnt was organisation; as i've been going through all the shots some have been hard to locate because they weren't tagged during import or i'd used a different memory card or camera that resulted saved the files to a different location. Similarly, I've just relocated my entire library to an external hard drive, which resulted in a few anomalies when rebuilding the folder structure.

Anywho. It's been good and i'm sad it's over. I've not actually stopped taking a shot each day yet (there's been some nice macro and street teasing my camera out), so I could carry on.......

Last few shots:-


Spider BnW People Two people walking away Next project anyone?  I was thinking 100 Strangers but i'm not sure I'd be up to it.  Any ideas?

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