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Things have been moving quite slow lately but I've added a few new pics, a guest blog post and Jason M Gabriel has been on the site for a short while.

I don't upload all my own work here so perhaps you'd like to check out my Google+ & Flickr accounts. I upload my 365 shots there now.

Project 365.

A few poor efforts have seeped in recently but overall I'm quite happy with the effect this has had on my photography. It's taught me some discipline and a few new skills. I'll be finishing on the 28th August. Hopefully i'll have a bit more time to get out and about to add a few more street shots as well as some portraiture before it ends, I'm growing tired and slightly bored of 'in house macros'!

New site

I've bought the domain name for a new site, it focuses on my own work more. This should make GHZ more blog, news and featured photographer based than it has been so far.  The site will be up and ready before September. Not much to report other than it will consist of a services page, portfolio and personal blog.


Part 2 of 'How I got into photography' is coming up soon.

Guest bloggers wanted, let me know via the contact page if you're interested.

Have a good Sunday!



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