365 Update - Half way

February 10, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

365 update.

I'm now approaching the half way mark of my project 365. I've lost count of the days but roughly I'm at 180, give or take a few. I'm really happy with the majority of the shots but some have been slightly disappointing.  I guess that's the nature of the project though..coming up with something decent 365 days in a row!!

Finding something every day can either be a pleasure or a back breaking chore. On days where you're up against it with work and day to day duties it can be really difficult to find something worthwhile shooting. It's all good practice though, creating shots under slight pressure is something I need to work on, so all good.

There are days when I spot something fantastic to shoot and as well as my 365 I get a few more shots for my portfolio, this is great, especially when it's early in the morning, you can rest safely for the rest of the day then!

Overall it's been a great photography experience to go through and i'm sure the next six months are going to throw more challenges my way. I'm about to embark on an Open University course as well as moving house...i've also something MASSIVE coming in September..but i'll keep that to myself for now ;) I'm sure I'll manage to squeeze a daily shot in though!


Garden cross spider - #12
































In One.












Shooting into the sun...
























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