New Challenge for 2014

December 30, 2013  •  2 Comments

Challenges for 2014

This year, in August, i finished my project 365. It was a challenging project in a challenging year but i'm really pleased to have finished it.

As the new year draws in i'm starting to think about a new challenge. It's always good to have something to push myself or just to have as an excuse to take photos. So, after muchos deliberation i've decided to go with the 52 Weeks project. I'm also looking at a few shorter challenges too, i'll post about these when i've decided.

Two people walking awayTwo people walking awayLast shot of my 365. Last shot of Project 365 August 2012 - 2013

52 weeks is self explanatory; you take one or more shots a week for the entire year. I'm not yet sure what i'll aim for, as with 365 the subject matter is up to the photographer. Some do a face shot every week, some take personal snaps and some take a set agenda for each week (see HERE for an example). I'm currently browsing various websites to get ideas and decide whether I want to keep it as a personal challenge or go with a specific website's set themes for each week (but i'm not sure I want the shackles of a set agenda though!).

I'm also working back through my 365, seeing what i'd taken on the same day the year before as well as re-editing and sorting them out as i go through (i messed up organising them all when switching between computers!), which is quite fun. I think I may do 365 again, maybe not for a few years though!

My first shot for 52 weeks will be this week.  It will be tagged on my flickrstream as '52' with a tag numbering each week.







FASHIONABLY ARTS(non-registered)
Good Luck! Have a wonderful 2014! Love the photography of nature and landscapes!
Alison Yut(non-registered)
Good one. Glad to hear you're doing something else other than baby pics ;)
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