A Rather belated Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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Hope everyone had a great festive break!  I've been squeezing my 365 around family visits etc and have also been on a couple of outings, one to Ferrybridge.  I still feel I'm lagging though, especially with GHZ.

I seem to have taken a liking to portraits lately, or pictures of people at least and i'm still very keen on street or Urban Environment as I like to call it.


Autumn Leaf


I've definitely not taken as many shots as i'd have liked these last few months but I think i've improved my knowledge of image editing software and also expanded my repertoire of post processing skills. Photography magazines are mainly to thank for this, I fully recommend subscribing to 'Digital Photographer' and 'Practical Photography' , they have excellent tutorials and usually provide sample images on CD so you can work with the same photo as the magazine.


A recent house move and subsequent change in routine & commute to work has given me chance to shoot some different areas. I've welcomed the change in buildings, streets and people in my new area and have some great shots as a result:-

Man does park


I've kept up with my Project 365 but haven't uploaded allot of it to the main site yet. Most images (a few rushed jobs missing) are on my flickrstream but I've not found time (or more inclination) to choose and number them yet.



Coming up!

I've a few tutorials and guides of my own coming up and I'm still working on a full site make over.  Some more shots are coming up and a good gallery clean for new year is also order methinks.

Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!






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