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365 Project update - 24/09/12

I've just about finished the first month of my Project 365 and i've got to say it's had a huge impact on my photography already. Rather than meandering about in my own comfort and time finding shots I've been pushed to find one each day (obviously!). I've taken several different routes home from work and have spent many a night pulling out my hair trying to find a good enough subject to shoot. Where previously I'd mark a shot, say a street, building or object to macro and then wait for the right time to shoot it I'm now having to take the shot there and then or plan it for a specific date. Similarly it limits my shooting, why shoot two subjects on one day when i can save one for another day and therefore increase the chances of completing my project? This is the only part i'm not keen on.

As well as taking the shots i've been planning well ahead for many others. I now have a list of 'possibles' as back-up so you could say P365 has improved my planning ability. Admittedly I struggle with bad weather, white skies etc as Street photography is my preferred genre, so what with the weather being as miserable as it is (and it's going to get worse, it is Yorkshire afterall) I've been quietly panicking into my lens cloth.

The slight pressure and urgency this has brought to my beloved hobby is welcome. I've learnt to work under pressure, make compositions out of Salt 'n Pepper pots, mobile phone reflections, tomatoes and many other household objects I wouldn't have thought to photograph over a month ago. I suppose it's changed the way I look at photography, or more accurately the way I go about it. I now put more effort in to planning things in advance, checking the weather, position of the sun etc.

It's going to be a slog to do another 11 months but it has been worth it so far, and i'm only 28 days in! Some tips for others out there planning to do Project 365

  • Don't go straight for the easy shots (indoor macros of your cats nose etc). You'll need these for bad weather days, or days where you can't find anything. Save them!
  • Plan ahead, weather, sun direction etc.
  • Make lists of possible shots & mark them on google maps (privately!)
  • Always carry your kit. I stopped leaving my camera at home when I realised I missed so many good shots.
  • It doesn't have to be worthy of front page Explore on Flickr, or be a polished professionally produced shot. Well not everyday anyway :)
  • TRIPOD - Silly. It's the difference between a blurred, camera shake ridden beast with an interesting subject and a good shot.
  • Composing some everyday objects at work or at home may just have to do.
  • Look up regularly, you'd be amazed what you see by looking up. Places you've been to a million times suddenly take on a whole new look.
  • Try to get up high to increase your visual field, as per the point above you'll see things differently. Be careful though, tower blocks are all well and good but a random stranger with a camera isn't always the most well received visitor.
  • Charge up and keep your memory card empty. Basic stuff but if you're busy all day and you're only window to take a shot is 11pm and you've got a dead camera or no memory when you get your camera out then you're screwed, you're 365 is finished unless you can pull something out of the bag quickly. Remember, take one shot per day, if you miss a day then you'll have to start from the top again.
  • Macros, learn to love them (who couldn't anyway), they're going to be your best friend (but don't waste them as per point 1 above)

Here are some of my shots so far.

Leeds College of Music - #1 pssst...Kittens! - #2
Toms - #3 Pepper Pot - #4 Keys - #5 Crompton Bulb - #6 Building - #7 See more of a man by looking into his eyes. - #8

Burmantofts - #9 R2D2 - #10 Phoenix Dance Theatre - #11 Garden cross spider - #12 Shades - #13 Ze Bulb ala Lemon - #14 Street Scene - #15 Graf Locks - #16 Bulb Self Portrait - #17






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