Apologies for lack of activity

November 06, 2012  •  Leave a Comment


Rather typically, as the site seemed to get going, I've have a fair few real life, boring issues to deal with so haven't concentrated on the site as much as i'd have liked. I'm still taking shots and concentrating on my work but i've not put much time into keeping the site fresh and updated.

Not to worry, I am now more or less back to normal (other than a lack of a good internet connection) so the updates, new features, pics etc i've been promising/working on are soon to come, including a whole new overhaul of the format of GHZ.

As ever i'll continue to tweet your links, look for new featured photographers and upload my own work to Flickr, Google+ and of course GHZ.

There are a few people who've been interested in helping out that i'll contact soon to discuss.

Hope you're all well and thanks for all the messages of encouragement.

I am back :)



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